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Otro Lado is the story of a young man looking for a better way of life on the other side of the border wall. It is a universal story. It portrays the human desire for freedom and the ability to fulfill one’s destiny. It presents the hopes, ambitions, frustrations and realities one must face as one moves forward to fulfill those dreams. However, it is not always as you imagine.

I produced this film primarily because I wanted to showcase my skills as a composer for film. This is my first movie and, at our first film festival—the Laughlin International Film Festival—Otro Lado won Best Sound Track. At the end of its festival run, the film had received 15 Laurels, which means an acceptance and screening at those festivals. Within those 15 Laurels are 2 that highlight the quality of the film: Best Sound Track and a nomination for Best Actress for Karen Sours Albisua at the Sunscreen West Film Festival in Los Angeles.


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